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Criminal law and administrative criminal law often draw very complex contours of wrongful conduct. As a result, economic actors are at an increased risk of being investigated and complained about or of becoming victims of criminal offences. The risks of severe sanctions and serious damages are significant.

Lawyer specialized in economic crime

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in economic crime. We regularly advise companies and individuals in complex, cross-border, and international criminal proceedings, typically in cases of fraud, corruption, money laundering, and cybercrime.
We also assist them in the search and seizure of assets resulting from cross-border fraud. Our lawyers are also renowned for conducting internal investigations and assisting clients with compliance issues related to corruption, money laundering, and cybercrime regulations. We also benefit from an international network of lawyers specialised in this field with whom we work regularly.

Our expertise in economic crime

– Representation of clients in proceedings conducted by Swiss prosecution authorities in the context of white collar crime;
– Assistance in the context of internal investigations conducted within companies in order to assess the commission of possible criminal and regulatory offences;
– Assistance to companies or individuals in the search for and seizure of assets, mainly as a result of fraud and cybercrime attacks;
– Assisting companies in the development or redesign of their compliance programs and risk assessment.

Some examples of cases

– Representation of several insurance companies active in the oil and gas sector in the context of criminal proceedings opened for suspicions of unfair management and money laundering.
– Assistance to several victims of an international embezzlement scheme in the recovery of their assets.
– Representation of South American nationals in Swiss criminal proceedings in connection with the Brazilian Lava Jato scandal.
– Representation of the director of a commodities trading company in criminal proceedings initiated by several banks based on allegations of fraud and breach of trust.
– Representation in civil and criminal proceedings of an external director of a financial company having resorted to a system of cavalier behaviour.
– Representation in criminal proceedings of a “risk manager” of a public law banking institution