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Employment law

Nathalie Subilia

Employment legislation is complex. Contractual relations between employees and employers are governed by private and public law. In addition, there are other legal provisions such as the Swiss Labour Law, collective agreements, and standard employment contracts, as well as legal provisions related to social security contributions and withholding tax.

Employment Lawyer in Geneva

Conflicts in the field of employment law are generally sources of tension within the company and can mobilise important resources. To avoid this, REISER Avocats, a law firm specialised in employment law, advises its clients so that they can correctly assess their rights and obligations and set up a company policy adapted to their needs.

Advice in employment law

REISER Attorneys at Law has extensive knowledge in the field of employment law.

We advise employers and employees in all aspects of their contractual relationships, both in Switzerland and internationally. We provide specialised advice in the negotiation and drafting of employment contracts and internal regulations, secondment of employees, transfer of employment relationships, individual or collective dismissals.

We assist our clients in all areas related to employment law, such as residence and establishment in Switzerland (work and settlement permits), mergers and acquisitions, competition law, social insurance, and pensions and represent our clients both before the judicial and administrative authorities while promoting, when appropriate, alternative dispute resolution procedures such as negotiation and mediation.

Our expertise in employment law

– Drafting and negotiation of employment contracts
– Drafting of internal regulations
– Setting up profit-sharing plans for employees
– Negotiation between employers and unions
– Management of collective dismissals
– Representation of clients in case of conflicts, in particular before judicial authorities

Some examples of cases

– Assistance and advice to a foreign company active in the television sector in Switzerland.
– Representation and assistance before the courts of a securities trader in all aspects related to the employment contracts of its employees.
– Assistance to a director of a sports company following the immediate termination of the employment relationship.
– Assistance to a director of a company active in the watchmaking industry following the termination of their employment relationship.