Business areas

Banking law and financial services

Alexandre de Senarclens, Sonja Maeder Morvant

The diversity and importance of the regulatory standards applicable to the financial sector imposes an increasing need for legal advice to financial institutions, whether banks or asset managers.

Advice in banking law

Our firm advises financial institutions, in particular independent asset managers, in their relations with their clients, business partners, supervisory authorities (SO) and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). In this respect, we assist our clients in their organisation, in obtaining the necessary authorizations and in drafting contracts specific to their activity.

Advice in financial law

In the financial field, our firm provides specialised assistance in the conduct of complex legal proceedings. In this context, we assist individuals and companies in the recovery of assets, in particular in cases involving liability for mismanagement or of a criminal nature. Having built a network of partner firms abroad, we coordinate and monitor cases with an international component.

Our expertise in banking and financial law

  • Advice and support for asset managers with respect to the supervisory authorities. In this context, we advise them on the drafting of contractual documents: management mandate, advisory mandate, management profile, risk profile, etc.
  • Advice and representation of clients and banking institutions before the courts in the context of liability actions for mismanagement.
  • Advice and representation of heirs in search of banking assets in Switzerland and abroad in an international context involving several laws and jurisdictions.
  • Advice and representation in liability actions against executives of a banking institution.